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Quality Assurance and Liaison

Quality Education has always been the main element of ILMA University formerly IBT. ILMA University Management ensures the quality in every aspect through implementation policies, procedures and up gradation of infrastructure. The ILMA University is committed to produce talented human resource as per the requirement of Industry. To ensure quality of education at ILMA University formerly IBT, QAL department was established on 25th April 2010 with the following Mission Statement and Objectives.

Mission Statement:

To provide quality education and emerging research culture in the Institution and ensure the standards are as per the Institution’s defined protocols


  • To ensure the standards of teaching and research in all subject taught in the Institution
  • To develop qualification frameworks and program structure to determine what knowledge, understanding, skills developed in student successfully.
  • To ensure quality assurance processes and methods of evaluation that standards are achieved as per requirement.
  • To develop curriculum, subject and staff development together with research and other scholarly activities.
  • To develop methods and processes for the monitoring and evaluation of programs, faculty and students’ perception.