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Master of Science (Management Sciences)


A. To develop graduates who understand emerging trends in the discipline, are familiar with the tools for tracking and forecasting trends, and who can integrate these trends within planning processes.
B. To develop problem solving and analytical skills and increase the capacity of students to think critically and communicate effectively; to develop graduates who can establish and lead team?based approaches to problem solving.
C. To foster a sense of professional responsibility among our graduates.
D. To develop strong quantitative and qualitative research skills and apply these methods to research in technology management and innovation.
E. To equip students to make a contribution to the theory or empirical study of the management of technology and innovation.
F. To provide students with a strong research foundation to pursue doctoral studies in related fields.


A. Foster a strong understanding of the key theories and analytical tools of management
B. Work as part of a high?performance team to analyze a business case and to develop a business Plan
C. Integrate and apply relevant management theories (e.g. strategic and financial analysis) independently to complex real world problems
D. Gather information and communicate effectively in a variety of circumstances with particular attention to understanding diversity as part of the management process.
E. Understand research methods; develop research proposal and execute using appropriate Technologies.
F. Apply research methods and theoretical frameworks to produce and defend a thesis.

Programs Information

Duration1.5 Years
No. of Courses10
Total Credit Hours30 Cr Hrs


First Semester
Course IDCourse Title
MGT619Change Management
MGT620Advance Research Methods
MGT502Strategic Management
HUM451Logic and Analytical Reasoning
Second Semester
Course IDCourse Title
MS601Thesis Proposal
IS590Independent Study I
IS591Independent Study II
Third Semester
Course IDCourse Title
MS602Thesis Defence
ECO620Global Issues in Economics and Business
ELC1Elective I