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Bachelors in Fashion Designing


This program has as its objective to give the student a solid base regarding the various aspects of this field, exploring both the methods and the technical side, helping to form a highly flexible specialist capable of working in various types of environments and disciplines: from the small artisanal producer, to the small-medium size company, all the way up to the largest multinationals and to become a productive workforce which in turn helps in economic growth of Pakistan.


A. Students will be able to identify and demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical foundations of Fashion design.
B. Students will be able to analyze and critique a variety of fashion products, case studies and issues.
C. Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of ethical issues related to the fashion Industry.
D. Students will be able to plan and prepare an effective communication strategy.
E. To foster and enhance the creativity of students and enable them to develop competency in fashion designing.
F. To increase their: analyzing/testing ability of fiber and fabric, knowledge of production and performance characteristics of natural and man-made fibers.
G. To impart understanding of marketing and merchandising policies offering Marketing and Merchandising Courses.

Programs Information

Duration4.0 Years
No. of Courses44
Total Credit Hours132 Cr Hrs


First Semester
Course IDCourse Title
EGL113English writing skills
FD101Introduction to Fashion Designing
IR301International Relations
LNG111Foreign Language I
MDS101Introduction to Media & Social Sciences
Second Semester
Course IDCourse Title
FD102Introduction to Interior Design
MDS112Principles of Design
MKT201Principles of Marketing
LNG211Foreign Language II
MGT102Information & Business Management
Third Semester
Course IDCourse Title
MGT201Principles of Management
MKT401Marketing Management
MDS102Drawing Perspective
MDS104Typography & Color Theory
FD103Pattern Making and Clothing
FD104Fashion Illustration I
Fourth Semester
Course IDCourse Title
MDS210Advance Drawing
MDS114Introduction to Art
FD106Needle Craft
EGL502Organization Ethics and Advanced Communication
MKT404Consumer Behavior
Fifth Semester
Course IDCourse Title
FD105History of Art & Design
FD107Fashion Illustration II
MGT111Basic of Research Methods
MKT414Media Planning & Management
FD201Textile Design
ELC1Elective I
Sixth Semester
Course IDCourse Title
FD108Traditional Textile Art
FD109Clothing Culture and Communication
MDS313Creative Development & Activity
FP311Art Direction
FD204History of Fashion & Costumes
FD206Machine Sewing
Seventh Semester
Course IDCourse Title
ELC2Elective II
MDS414Event Management & Public Relation
FD302Fashion Design and Accessories
FD303Fashion Merchandizing
FD305Costumes for Film and TV
Eighth Semester
Course IDCourse Title
FD402Advance Fashion Photography
FD403Fashion Research Project