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Programs Information

Duration4.0 Years
No. of Courses44
Total Credit Hours132 Cr Hrs


First Semester
Course IDCourse Title
AS111Physics I
EGL502Organizational ethics and advanced communication
CS101IT for Managers
AS222Linear Algebra
CS102Programming Fundamental
Second Semester
Course IDCourse Title
CS221Web Engineering I
CS261Database Management System
HUM121Islamiat & Pakistan Studies
CS103Object Oriented Programming
CS141Information Systems.
CS251Software Engineering I
Third Semester
Course IDCourse Title
CS281Digital Logic and Design
CS222Web Engineering II
CS201Data Structures and Algorithms
EGL113English writing skills
CS304Design & Analysis of Algorithms
AS123Discrete Mathematical Structures
Fourth Semester
Course IDCourse Title
CS352Software Engineering II
CS303Compiler Construction.
MKT201Principles of Marketing
CS305System Programming
TE341Mobile Communication
TE361Wireless Systems
Fifth Semester
Course IDCourse Title
CS302Human Computer Interaction
AS223Differential Equations
CS442Research Report
CS471Wan Technologies
LNG111Foreign Language I
Sixth Semester
Course IDCourse Title
CS373Network Planning & Administration
AS121Calculus and Analytical Geometry
AS122Multivariable Calculus
EGL211Technical Report Writing
CS472Data and Network Security
Seventh Semester
Course IDCourse Title
ELC1Elective I
ELC2Elective II
CS306Embedded System Design
CS375Internet Routing and Switching
TE312Digital Communication
AS321Numerical Computing
Eighth Semester
Course IDCourse Title
CS498Final Year Project (Project Proposal)
CS499Final Year Project (Project Implementation)