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Bachelor of Business Administration


The BBA degree program is designed to prepare entry level work force in today’s complex domestic and global organizations. The emphasis is on combining theory with practical applications. Faculty is selected both for their strong academic credentials and with professional expertise. The result is graduates who have the knowledge and the know how to meet current job requirements in their chosen fields of specialization.


Undergraduates who accomplished the Bachelors of Business Administration degree will be qualified to
A. Demonstrate information of principal business content
B. Communicate successfully
C. Collaborate successfully in groups
D. Analyze issues and settle on successful choices
E. Understand singular flow in associations.
F. Be mindful of globalization and break down worldwide powers that influence authoritative achievement.
G. Identify and assess moral problems identified with business choices.

Programs Information

Duration4.0 Years
No. of Courses46
Total Credit Hours138 Cr Hrs


First Semester
Course IDCourse Title
ECO101Micro Economics
MAT103Business Mathematics
CS101IT for Managers
LNG111Foreign Language I
HUM121Islamiat and Pakistan Studies
EGL113English Writing Skills
Second Semester
Course IDCourse Title
MGT201Principles of Management
ACC101Introduction to Accounting
EGL202Business and Media Communications
ECO201Macro Economics
Third Semester
Course IDCourse Title
HUM201Introduction to Law
LNG211Foreign Language II
MDS101Introduction to Media and Social Science
ACC203Financial Accounting and IT
MKT201Principles of Marketing
Fourth Semester
Course IDCourse Title
IR301International Relations
CSC491Management Information System
FIN211Introduction to Business Finance
HUM451Public Policies
ECO401Money and Banking
MGT102Information and Business Management
Fifth Semester
Course IDCourse Title
FIN311Financial Management
ACC502Managerial Accounting and Control System
ECO411Analysis of Pakistani Industries
MGT501Human Resource Management
MAT304Quantitative Analysis for Business
MKT401Marketing Management
Sixth Semester
Course IDCourse Title
EGL502Organizational ethics & Advanced Communication
Specialization I
MGT513Leadership and Organizational Behavior
MGT518Supply Chain Management
Seventh Semester
Course IDCourse Title
Specialization III
MGT204Project Management
MGT111Basic Research Methods
Specialization II
MGT519Operational Research
MKT404Consumer Behavior
Eighth Semester
Course IDCourse Title
MGT304Corporate Social Responsibility
MAT404Inferential Statstics For Research
FIN503Financial Reporting and Analysis
Specialization IV