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Promoting National Objectives

Message from the President

The need for high quality educational institutions in the country has existed since long. Keeping in view the growing needs for higher education and limited resources at the disposal of the government, it decided to promote private sector institutions in Sindh, and the establishment of Institute of Business & Technology (IBT) is a welcome step in this direction.  

I`m glad to know that good teaching facilities in important disciplines like management, computer science & engineering are coming up with the initiative of the private sector. I, therefore, expect that the Institute of Business and Technology would develop into a premier institution of the country. I expect the faculty and students of this institution to do their utmost to promote and propagate national objectives and inculcate the spirit of patriotism.  

May Allah be with you in your endeavors. Ameen    

Syed Mamnoon Hussain

Islamic Republic of Pakistan  

Positive Impact

Message from the Patron

I am glad to observe that the Institute of Business & Technology has made a positive impact on higher education and has established its roots firmly for the cause of literacy. Improvement is always from within and education is the catalyst that promotes changes leading to improvement.  

We have to continuously evolve our process in a rational and reasonable way. It is indeed a dauntless task to continue with discipline, concentration and education. The developed nations of today and nations that left their mark in history are known for their quest for knowledge.  

The syllabus and the cumulative program offered at the Institute of Business & Technology has been meticulously formulated and imparted in conjunction with  the faculty, drawn from various professional fields. This enables students to obtain current market exposures as they enter the professional life.

It is also encouraging to know that the alumni of IBT is making an impact in their chosen careers with education received from IBT and that IBTians are contributing to various fields such as financial, human resources, technology, communication, mass media, healthcare and governmental bodies.  

I congratulate the management, faculty and students for their joint endeavors for a successful journey in education.  

Saeed uz Zaman Siddique

Governor Sindh & Patron

16 Years of Excellence

Welcome from the Chancellor

It is great pleasure and satisfaction to see that IBT is now well beyond 15 years of excellence in higher education wherein it has had a tremendous contribution towards raising a well-educated, professionally skilled and technically advanced new generation in Pakistan. Today we have attained a stature whereon 80% of our graduates go straight into employment or further study. We have currently almost 1700 alumni working in major multinationals to small- and medium-sized enterprises.  

Our commitment to the cause of higher education has been widely recognized by the government and regulatory bodies. Recently our Institute has been prestigiously awarded highest level 6 star ranking by the Government of Sindh whereas it has been placed in the highest category by virtue of its overall excellent performance by the Higher Education Commission. 

We attribute our successes to our unending commitment to the cause of quality of higher education. Here you will be taught by experts who are recognized internationally as being at the forefront of their subject. We believe that we turn enthusiasm into achievement and groundbreaking theory into cutting-edge practice. And, thus, we don`t work in isolation. We have strong links with industry and the public services, and our research makes a real difference to people`s lives across the world. Our problem-based approach to learning inspires our students to think critically and creatively, cultivating their faculties of independence and making them more attractive to employers.  

With outstanding facilities and the widest range of courses, we are highly respected in the spheres of higher education as a centre of teaching excellence. Our ambitious plans are backed by the biggest investment programme rarely seen in the Pakistan higher education.

We firmly believe that for our students to achieve their full potential and ultimate distinction, they need to go beyond the curricula. So at IBT we have arranged for them the broadest range of opportunities outside of their studies for developing their interests and having fun. These include outstanding sports facilities, social responsibility volunteering, student society activities, festival hosting and much more. They gain knowledge beyond their studies to enhance their personal development and employability skills development that help them realize their full potential  

Ms. Kanwal H. Lakhani.
Chancellor & Chairman BoG

Dedicated Faculty

Welcome from the Rector

The students joining us will be expected to promote the culture of forbearance and excellence which is the cornerstone of the mission, the Institute of Business & Technology has been pursuing for over a decade as one of the highest ranking institutions. In view of the needs and demands of the growing media in Pakistan, we have introduced Media Sciences, Fashion Designing in IBT and Social Sciences as a composite program. We have also started the Ph.D program in management, economics & computer sciences. Besides air-conditioned classrooms, well-equipped laboratories and auditorium, IBT is also providing facilities of a well-stocked library with online facility having access to the world's best libraries and to more than 28,000 research journals. We, at IBT, are endeavoring to make parents proud of their sons and daughter and, through them, the society.  

Hammad Tahir.