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Graduate programs

The Ilma University Graduate Program has been encouraging the development of future leaders and the promotion of excellence since 2001. Our programs are preparing students for future management responsibilities. The panorama is constantly changing. Minute-by-minute markets vary, new technologies emerge and customer expectations progress. Our Graduate Program is striding fast and challenging. Our programs enable students to judge as they make the transition from university to the workplace.
A graduate degree will allow you to develop expertise in a specific discipline, open the door to many career opportunities that are personally, professionally, and financially fulfilling.


Bachelors or Equivalent

Further Studies

Students can further their career by joining postgraduate program straight away, after enriching themselves with practical experience of work.

Master of Business Administration I
Master of Business Administration II
Master of Business Administration III
Master of Science (Software Engineering)
Master of Science (Media Science)
Executive MBA (EMBA)