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Executive Master of Business Administration


The objective of our EMBA program is to groom ‘General Managers’ capable of assuming different roles and achieving several organizational objectives. From our research of industry trends, we have identified important skills and competencies that General Managers must possess, and these form the key pillars of our program.


A. Make well-informed decisions in various business and managerial situations that lead to ethically sound and profitable results.
B. Consider social and environmental issues and dilemmas when addressing business problems.
C. Manifest strong interpersonal and teamwork skills.
D. Use the knowledge they have gained to understand and solve real-world business problems.
E. Recognize and encourage social and cultural sensitivity and diversity within an organization.
F. Identify challenges and execute opportunities related to internationalization, globalization, emerging technologies and social media.
G. Consistently establish professional development and personal effectiveness goals to demonstrate creativity and innovation.

Programs Information

Duration2.5 Years
No. of Courses22
Total Credit Hours66 Cr Hrs


First Semester
Course IDCourse Title
FIN311 Financial Management
MGT501 Human Resource Management
MGT518Supply Chain Management
MKT401Marketing Management
Second Semester
Course IDCourse Title
ACC502Managerial Accounting & Control Systems
ECO401 Money & Banking
MAT404 Inferential Statistics For Research
MAT404Consumer Behavior
Third Semester
Course IDCourse Title
ECO620Global Issues in Economics & Business
MGT519Operation Research
MGT619Change Management
Fourth Semester
Course IDCourse Title
ELC1Elective I
FIN503Financial Reporting & Analysis
HUM651Logic & Analytical Reasoning
MGT620Advance Research Methods
Fifth Semester
Course IDCourse Title
ELC2Elective II
MGT405Business Process Re-engineering
MS601Thesis Proposal
Sixth Semester
Course IDCourse Title
ELC3Elective III
MGT502Strategic Management
MS602Thesis Defense