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Director`s Message

Ilma University management appreciates the initiative of the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) to elevate standard of higher education in Pakistan that has been consistently facing a serious challenge of recognition and acceptance in the international market, and bringing it at par with the international standards. Accordingly, the QAL at Ilma University is strongly committed to implementing the guidelines and policies of QAA in its true spirit. Ilma University QAL that was established in 2010 has assumed a central role in improvement of the Institute`s departmental and managerial functions. It follows a three pronged concept of quality assurance and enhancement that is set to induce a "quality culture" in the institute: first, it is a continuous process with no end; second, it is part of day-to-day management process embedded in each and every function rather than a particularized and isolated activity; and third, it is responsibility of everyone in the Institute, QAL being just custodian of the process offering it an organization and leadership.

For that reason, it analyzes the existing conditions and methods that are used to provide the service to the students and ensures that excellence is inherent in every component of the process. Besides, as part of its basic objectives, Ilma University QAL regularly takes steps to sensitize and educate the human resources of the Institute especially the faculty members regarding the need of quality in the education system and their role therein. Over the time it has made a pragmatic use of the self-assessment process on which the QAA model of quality assurance stands in a reflective and self-critical style and has taken all measures to implement all criteria and standards of the quality enhancement manual. Ilma University QAL enjoys an active patronage of worthy rector of the Institute, Mr. Hammad Tahir who is strongly committed to quality education and high level learning standard at Ilma University. This ultimate sponsorship from the top has augmented the pivotal role of the Ilma University QAL that is set to deal with the challenges of making quality as integral part of the Institute operations.

Mr. Fawwad M. Butt
Director, QAL