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IBT is  a  medium sized institution that   facilitates personal and informal relationships between faculty, staff and students. For many students, student bodies are the heart of students` life. Campus offers friendly and community-like atmosphere. Shades of social events like BASANT Mela, Concerts, Movie Nights, Fashion Shows etc., are part of IBT culture. Event Management Office along with student bodies play vital role in organizing these events.


To satiate intellectual need, to demonstrate their creativity, aesthetics, culture and literary sense the students of IBT publish a quarterly newsletter - IBTIAN VISION.


In the month of December each year, student`s week is organized that features various social, entertainment and intellectual events. Families and friends in large number attend this week . 


Whatever is our students` current level of fitness, IBT provides excellent opportunities to keep themselves healthy and get active. We have well established sports complex that features cricket ground, football ground, squash court, tennis courts, basketball court, and facilities for indoor games like snooker, chess, badminton and table tennis. Support activities offer the students the opportunity to participate in organized, recreational sport on a regular basis in a wide range of sports and are a great way to socializing with new friends and having plenty of fun. Recently an air-conditioned fitness suite/gymnasium has also been included into the sports complex laden with advanced machines and equipment to meet their needs of physical work-outs.  

IBT teams regularly participate in interuniversity tournaments and events. We also conduct inter-university competitions in assorted sports. For that purpose, we have developed special ties with leading sporting associations, clubs and societies and have reached an understanding with them to organize sports events for our students and promote inter-university and inter-city sports competitions and tournaments. Apart from taking part in sports we offer our students opportunities of gaining extra experience and developing their skills by volunteering as a coach, events organizer, or administrator of a specific sport. 


IBT has 1800 odd alumni. Alumni data is maintained by the Career Counseling and Placement Department (CCPD). There is alumni association constituted through ballot. Elections are held after two years. Alumni dinner is held once a year. At this occasion different other events are also held.