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QEC Objectives

Overall objective of the Ilma University QEC is continuous and consistent development, implementation and maintenance of quality assurance and enhancement management system at the Institute in the light of quality assurance manual introduced by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) through the tasks like:

i- Planning, coordinating and following up on the self-assessment (SA) activities. 

ii- Maintaining quality of the self-assessment process through imparting training to the program teams and assessment teams

iii-Imparting quality awareness training to the staff especially the teaching staff. 

iv-Analyzing the existing conditions and methods in the light of assessment teams` reports and making recommendations to the top management.

v-Monitoring the compliance measures meant to fill the quality gaps and taking follow-up. 

vi-Taking all measures for making recommendations for implementation of all criteria and standards to ensure that the processes are as efficient and productive as possible.

vii-Conducting workflow analysis across the departments and making recommendations for effective inter-departmental working relationships aimed at high quality service outcomes.

viii-Coordinating with the QAA on quarterly basis for reporting the compliance of the model

ix-Attaining membership of the international quality agencies and attending their forums for gaining latest and high quality know-how regarding quality assurance and enhancement. 

x-Conducting internal audit of the quality assurance management system