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Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times in their associations with faculty members and office staff. The university expects them to adhere to the highest standards of personal and academic integrity and propriety. The students efforts to acquire and exhibit a professional manner will be reflected in his or her academic standing.

Students are expected to familiarize themselves and to comply with the rules of conduct and academic regulations mentioned herein. The  up-to-date version of the rules can be taken from Academic Division. Though the students are supposed to be disciplined, an Academic Disciplinary Committee remains vigilant to see that stipulated rules and procedures are followed.


Academic integrity lies at the heart of scholastic life. By registering as a student at Ilma University you acknowledge the awareness of discipline code, academic rules and regulations and pledge that they must be upheld in letter and spirit. Acts that constitute breach of discipline or academic integrity include, but are not limited to, the following

Plagiarism and other acts of academic indecencies

To plagiarize is to use someone`s work, ideas, images etc. without attribution. The issue applies to all students, assignments, reports, projects, thesis etc. Likewise not acknowledging the help of other people in your projects, assignments, reports etc. is an inappropriate behavior. All materials submitted for assessment and towards completion of a course work must be your original work unless specified otherwise by the instructor. Presenting your work, assignments, project, report, etc. for more than one course is also not allowed strictly. Deliberately changing facts and figures to support the argument is another act that can be viewed as an ethical violation In completion of assignments, projects and reports copyright laws must be adhered while using copyright materials. You may ask your Librarian for further guidance on the issue. 


Cheating includes but is not limited to copying from another paper, helping or assisting others with verbal or written material, obtaining unauthorized advance knowledge of the question paper, use of any unauthorized computing device etc.  during the exams. university has a resolute stance - against using any unfair means. The examination department`s decision in this regard is final. Any student found indulged  in such behavior that is unbecoming of a student in the examination, would stand failed in the exam but if anything severe is reported then he may be expelled from the university


university has declared itself a non smoking-zone therefore no student is allowed to smoke in the campus. A fine is charged on violation of the rule.

Other major areas of student responsibilities include


Attendance is mandatory in all lectures, seminars etc. A maximum of 20% absence on genuine written record is admissible. Attendance falling short of 80% will disqualify the student to sit in the final examination, (if the student fail to provide a documentry genuine reason of absence) will receive an `F` grade.


Ilma University Students Code of Conduct specifies University’s expectations and reasonable behavior from the students that is necessary for fostering secure learning environment. It is aimed at to promote the principle of mutual respect by informing them of the behaviour that the University considers is appropriate, and discourage the behaviour that it considers is inappropriate. This code also provides the method of conducting fair enquiry of the cases of misconduct and suggests appropriate penalties as well. The students are required to read it promptly in order to ward of any untoward incident in near future. However, for their firsthand knowledge, following acts and omissions are declared as misconduct by this code that they have to avoid at all costs.   

  1. Disruption of University
  2. Insubordination
  3. Damage and/or Theft of Property
  4. Assault (Physical and/or menacing)
  5. Dangerous Weapons and Instruments
  6. Use of Drugs and Alcohol
  7. Frightening, Degrading or Disgraceful Acts
  8. Endangering Health or Safety
  9. Violation of university’s Policy of Protection Against Sexual Harassment
  10. Profanity and/or Obscene Language
  11. Hazing
  12. Breaching Campus Safety or Security
  13. Recording of Images without Knowledge
  14. Misuse of Computing Resources
  15. Hoax Calling
  16. Inappropriate Dress
  17. Complicity
  18. Violation of the State Laws


Students should maintain their records of all correspondence and transactions with the university (registration, transcripts, payment record, etc.). It is also advisable to retain copies of all submitted materials like assignments, articles, proposals, projects and so forth submitted in fulfillment of coursework. 

Off-the-Campus Misconduct

Besides on-campus conduct of all students, the code shall also apply to the off-campus conduct of students in direct connection with 

  • a.     Academic course requirements or any credit-bearing experiences, such as internships, field trips, study abroad, or student teaching 
  • b.     Any activity supporting pursuit of a degree, such as research at another institution or a professional practice assignment 
  • c.     Any activity sponsored, conducted, or authorized by the university 
  • d.     If an offense committed off of university premises adversely affects the university reputation and/or the pursuit of its objectives. 


Withdrawal from a course(s) is allowed but not later than the officially announced date.   Full course fee is to be paid and the course will not be counted towards the semester result, or determining the student’s  C.G.P.A.


University discourages the policy of taking gaps between studies but at times it becomes necessary for students to drop the semester. In any case of such eventually a student can drop one semester. Student registration with the university automatically expires in case, the student drops two semesters consecutively . In order to drop a semester, student has to apply online at Student E-info portal and check the status online. Dropping the semester without proper approval can result in cancellation of the admission. 


A student is entitled to graduate if he or she completes all prescribed course work, lab work, reports, assignment, project/thesis etc. and attains a CGPA of 2.5 or above in case of Undergraduate Programs and 3.0 in case of Graduate & Post Graduate Programs. 

Dual Specialization / Bi Majors at Undergraduate Level

After successful completion of BBA/BBA (Hons) program, a student is allowed to complete one more semester for specialization. This option for specialization is available only after successful completion of yours BBA/BBA (Hons) degree program. For this purpose a student can choose a field of specialization. For specialization, a student has to complete 4 advance courses in the chosen discipline. If a student wants to choose a dual specialization / Bi Major option, he / she has to select additional two subjects from the area of his / her specialization. 

Dual Specialization / Bi Majors at Graduate Level

In third & fourth semester of MBA degree program, a student will choose a discipline for specialization. Currently specialization is available in Human Resource Management, Marketing & Advertising, Management Information System, Banking & Finance and Health Management. A student can choose a subject from the specialization category subject to successful completion of pre-requisite courses. If a student wants to choose a dual specialization / Bi Major option, he / she has to select additional two subjects from the area of his / her specialization.