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 We have arrangements at place with the nearby hospitals for any kind of emergency. Up till now the arrangement is going on satisfactorily. We are vigilant on this aspect and trying to improve the services and cost of the services with the passage of time.


In order  to maximize mental and physical comfort of our students we have all our classrooms fully air-conditioned. In order to meet eventuality of frequent load-shedding, a powerful power generator is available round the campus time..


Information technology is advancing at a much faster rate than anticipated. Knowledge dissemination technique is one of them.  Gone are the days of yesteryears. Today teachers use audio-visual aids like multimedia, OHP and projectors to deliver their lectures. On the one hand the use of modern teaching aids saves time that used to be spent on writing and then explaining, it also enables the teachers and the students to always refer back to the points discussed earlier during the lecture. This is an admirable facility and is used in the leading universities of the world. The facility also helps the students to give project assignment presentations at the end of each semester as required by most of the courses.


Acknowledging IT being an important part of higher education experience of our students we offer a wide range of services to ensure they stay connected with the Institute management. Information is distributed via the IBT network and official communications are routinely made by text message and email. For that purpose we have made a significant investment in our infrastructure. This includes broadband internet, extensive Wi-Fi provision, a range of software applications and a short text message service. A 10MB CIR internet connection through Transworld is available throughout the IBT campuses to provide them a quick internet services. Besides, they will also be facilitated with a 50MB VPN (Virtual Private Network) bandwidth connecting all campuses. WIFI is also enabled across IBT facilitating them with wireless internet through our 300Mbps D-link Access Points at all campuses. When they become an IBT student we assign them an email account, which includes ----- GB of storage space. They are able to access to their account by accessing through the webmail http://biztekian.com/webmail anywhere in the world. And while on campus, 100 percent wireless network coverage is available to them.      

STUDENT e- info Portal (STeP)

Recognizing early that information system is a backbone in any business entity these days, IBT has established well-formed, robust and efficient information system. Our Student e - Information Portal is one module of our integrated information system. Its user-friendly and informative approach is popular among students here. It helps them improve their performance and work the way they want. It incorporates all the reports they ought to have to be able to control their study plan. Some of its facilities include: General Information Section: where students can get all general information in our record about them; Academic Section: where students can find all the semesters they have been enrolled in previously and the enrollment which includes semester-wise courses the student has enrolled to-date; Attendance Section: where students can find out semester-wise and subject-wise attendance statistics i. e total number of classes attended and averages etc. Application Section: where students can find out the status of their submitted applications and the last but not the least Series of Events Section: which contains calendar  of events pertaining to the students.   This system offers unparalleled flexibility, trust and genuine approach in academics by keeping students informed as they transform into mature professionals. All IBT students are assigned a user ID and password to access to the STEP through the website: http://biztekian.com/step from anywhere in the world.  Students and as well as their parents can monitor their academic plan and performances from the desktops at their homes.  


IBT has auditoriums having a capacity of 200 participants. Apart from seating arrangements, there will be provisions for all kinds of audio and visual materials including multimedia and conference linking.  It is also suitable for large gatherings like seminars and congresses. Under normal situations the auditorium is used for lectures, guest speaker sessions, in-house talk shows, functions, examinations, admissions tests etc.  


The Event Department is engaged in enriching students` life in a unique way. It holds seminars, talk shows, and debates on a wide area of subjects related to students` professional development. In addition to academic activities the department also organizes social functions like Musical Evenings, Basant Melas, Sham e Ghazal, Mushairas, Picnics etc.


Students strength at IBT has increased substantially. This has created the need to have an exclusive lounge for the students where they can sit and spend their free time. Like many other developments `Students` Lounge` is a recent development. It was realized that when there is no class, students sometime need to discuss certain things among themselves, which may need some socializing as well. The availability of `Students Lounge` is indeed very helpful for them when they want to discuss some academic assignments particularly for a consensus. In addition to comfortable seating arrangements and A/C, the LOUNGE has its own Television set. This enables the students to view international news and events of the day.


IBT has an area specifically marked for prayer. A separate area for ablution is also earmarked. The physical infrastructure expansion is under process and an independent mosque in the campus will be built along with the buildings that are being constructed to meet the increased demand for classrooms and other facilities. The mosque will be beautifully tiled and will be having a capacity for almost 200 people.


The newly constructed East Wing houses an air-conditioned and state-of-the-art new cafeteria. The seating capacity has been raised from 100 to 300 to accommodate the continuously increasing students` population demanding an increased seating capacity during peak hours. Apart from branded materials always on demand, the facility also provides rich varieties in the form of hot and cold meals. BizCafe provides a relaxing environment enjoyable to many. International specialty cuisine, traditional luncheon fare, and a full snacks are featured on a self-service basis. The pleasant atmosphere and hygienic environment are maintained with constant vigilance of the concerned authorities from the management. Quality of foods, contamination free maintenance and availability, insects free indoor and cleanliness of cutleries remain on constant check. Surprise raids are done periodically to ensure faultless and smooth running of the cafeteria. 


Secure and stable environment is assured through a squad of guards deputed at campus around the clock. Trespassers are not allowed inside the campus. Anyone who comes in has to be either a genuine student or a valid visitor.


The university offers all students the facility of subsidized transport to and from the campus. Students who want to avail this facility may do so by getting a pick up from designated points each morning and drop in the evening at the same place. Although the vehicles are almost new, or as good as new, the physical and mechanical health of the vehicles are checked periodically. Every effort is made to assist those traveling long distances.


Many a times students develop softcopies of their assignments requiring printing in the form of hard copies. IBT has facilitated these students by providing a Bureau Service for this kind of activities. In addition to such bureau services the shop also stocks writing instruments and stationery for students


At IBT we do receive students from outside Karachi as well as foreigners. These people need some arrangements for accommodation. IBT in co-ordination with private hostels arranges students` boarding and lodging. However, in the new campus of Malir City this facility will be available in house. But till such time you will find institute`s administration a helpful resource in locating housing that suits your needs through liaison with private hostels to facilitate the community of students. Administration also endeavors to arrange private group accommodations on sharing basis with other students. For more options and detailed information about housing please refer to Manager Administration as soon as your admission is confirmed.  


Spacious and secured car parking is provided for staff, students and visitors inside the campus boundary.