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Ilma University Student Societies is filled with enthusiastic volunteers who are elected by their peers as representatives and to plan social and academic programming to better the student and campus life experience.
ISS works to provide our students with the necessary information to succeed in every aspect whether it's social, academic, or just the thirst for information ISS throw a variety of AMAZING events such as BASH, Graduation Night, Job Fair etc. There is always something happening at Ilma University, whether it is one of our amazing events, a variety of intramural sports or our Three Mega Events! EC goal is to help provide students with an unforgettable university experience and to show you a variety of ways to get involved here at Ilma University.

Societies in Ilma University are:

Ilma University Student Activity Council

Ilma University Student Activity Council – ISAC is serving the students of Ilma University since last many year, ISAC is committed to building community spirit within Ilma University through the development and implementation of various events. ISAC aims to plan and organize on and off campus events for the Ilma Universityians, ISAC has organized numerous successful events that enabled students and staff to socialize and create stronger bonds. Bash, Milaad, Movie Day are some of the finest trend setting events organized by the ISAC that were appreciated and enjoyed by the audience.

  • Mr. Waleed Hashmi - President

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    Ilma University Media society

    One of the most influential student societies on campus, the Ilma University Media society gives you the power to express be it the force of the pen, the magic of words or the sheer intensity of audiovisuals. The Ilma University Media Society, undoubtedly one of the largest and most happening societies at Ilma University, inspires all those who recognize the ever growing importance of media as a powerful channel for human expression.

  • Zeeshan Ali Khan - President

    Ilma Alumni Executive Council

    Ilma Alumni Executive Council is established to create a soft bridge among Alumni and Students of Ilma University to provide a professional linkage for Career Reshaping, Entrepreneurship, Business Startups and Professional Training regarding Market based counseling and Foreign Affairs Guidance.

  • President - Kapeel Kumar

    Ilma University Academia and Literary Society

    Ilma University Academia and Literary Society – (ALS) is devoted to developing and enhancing public speaking skills of Ilma Universityians, The best way to solve the problems of this world is to engage in constructive conversation, not just in debate or bureaucracy, but also in classrooms, scholarship and academia. ALS aims to provide training, skills, and practice sessions to help the community understand rules of debate, public speaking and the methods of communication that come herewith.


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    Ilma University Placement Society

    The Placement Society works to facilitate Ilma University students in placing themselves at lucrative positions in the corporate and social job arena. Amidst the cut-throat competition today, it’s a challenge for the Ilma University student’s body to stay abreast of the market and secure for themselves any and all good opportunities. The placement Society, thus, works in this regard.

  • HUMZA RIZWAN - President

    Ilma University IEEE Society

    IEEE Society (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering) which promotes engineering process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing and applying knowledge about electrical and information technologies and sciences.

  • Rohan Bin Khalid - President

    Ilma University Sports Society

    Ilma University Sports Society promotes sports as a mode of relaxation through organizing league tournaments of Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Soccer, Table Tennis, and Volleyball.

  • Shamail hussain - President